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Downtown Construction Update 7-27-18

Center City

This week a slab-on-grade pour was completed under the area along Albert that will become the new retail spaces. Elevated deck pours also continue with more planned in the coming days and weeks.

On the Grand River side, the water main is in place and going through water sampling tests. The contractor is on track to re-open all lanes of Grand River in the first week of August. The ground floor façade brick work along Grand River is ready for finishing touches as the framing work for the entry way gets underway. We should start to see some glass put into place in the near future as well in preparations for the Target team to begin their work to build out the new store.

The Hub @ East Lansing

The contractor continues to form and reinforce the first floor decking. The second pour of the first floor decking came took place on Thursday (7/26). Columns are being poured on the first floor decking in preparation for the second floor decking. Along with that, foundation walls are complete with backfilling to follow.

An increase in truck traffic continues to be expected as more materials and equipment make their way on site. We continue to monitor the site for safety and implement additional traffic control techniques as necessary. We are working with neighbors on a plan to accommodate access and parking. The plan to install a crosswalk across Bogue St. on the south of the site, is still being developed.

Parking Garage Repairs

Work continues through the downtown Public Parking Garages with concrete and water-proofing repairs. The concrete and patching work in the Division Street Garage has been completed. On Monday (7/23), the contractor began the repair work on the Charles Street Parking Garage. The contractor will complete some minor concrete patching, along with interior and exterior sealant replacements. The exterior caulking is expected to be completed by Saturday the (7/28). This work will impact some parking spaces in the garage. Deck-coating in areas of the Charles, Division and Grove Parking Garages will begin on Saturday (7/28). Barricading and signage will be in place to help with pedestrian and traffic flow.

Sidewalk Repairs

Construction at the intersection of Albert Ave. and Collingwood Drive has been rescheduled to tentatively begin on Wednesday, (8/01). There will be a complete closure of the intersection. There will be pedestrian and vehicle detours. It is anticipated the intersection will be closed until 08/17.

Thank you for your patience during the construction downtown. Please remember to sign up for downtown East Lansing construction alerts by texting ELBUZZ to 38470. As always, you can reach the City Construction Communication Team at or (517) 319-6930 with any questions.

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