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MSUFCU Construction Update 9-22-2022

The mechanical and plumbing contractor is currently onsite installing overhead piping and units.

The HVAC contractor is also onsite installing duct work.

The framing contractor is working on the building envelope on the south face of the building and also have a crew working on interior wall layout and framing.

The mason is currently onsite installing brick on the south elevation. They are also installing granite on the west and east elevations. Once the granite is complete, they will begin installing the brick on the first through third floors of the east elevation. We have joint sealants and thin brick repair being completed on the north wall.

Air handlers are expected by the end of the month.

Eastbound Albert Ave. has been reopened to through traffic. The lane closures on Abbot Rd. will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. The south access to the alley off Albert Ave. will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for the duration of overhead work to help ensure safety. The alley is accessible from the north


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