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MSUFCU Construction Updates 4-14-2022

Installation of the precast resumed on the west tower, which is expected to be completed on Wednesday, April 20. The north precast wall erection will follow and will be erected in unison with the center section of structural steel — this is expected to begin Monday, April 25. The crane will be moved further west and the crane pad is expected to be removed out of the center section of the building on Thursday, April 21. The mechanical and plumbing contractor is currently on-site working on layout and installing hangers for the third floor overhead mechanical and plumbing.

The lane closures on Abbot Rd. and Albert Ave. will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. The south access to the alley off Albert Ave. will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for the duration of overhead work to help ensure safety. The alley is accessible from the north.


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