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Construction Update 02-18-22

MSUFCU East Lansing Building Located at 311 Abbot

Steel and precast panels on the north elevation of the building are currently being installed. The east and west stair and elevator towers are currently being erected. Structural steel installation will begin in early March starting on the east side of the building. This will continue through April 2022 with expected completion in early May. Trucks will be arriving daily with loads of precast panels and steel. We will be utilizing the lane closure on Albert Ave. to take the deliveries, but there is potential for trucks to be backed up on Evergreen Ave. as the panels are being installed. We will address these backups as soon as we can when they occur.

The lane closure on Abbot Rd. has been reinstated and will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. The westbound lane closure on Albert Ave. has been installed and will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

The south access to the alley off Albert Ave. will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians during work hours. After work hours, south access to the alley will be open for pedestrians for the duration of the steel and precast erection.

Thank you for your patience during the construction downtown. Please remember to sign up for downtown East Lansing construction alerts by texting ELBUZZ to 38470. You can also visit to find the latest information about the construction in downtown East Lansing. As always, you can reach the City Construction Communication Team at or (517) 319-6930 with any questions.


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