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Construction Update 06-21-19

Park District

Last week, the first half of level 3 concrete pours were completed. This week, level 3 work continues with more concrete pours also planned for next week. This will continue to be the main thrust of work until the transfer slab is complete and work transitions to the placement of wall panels for the upper floors, later this summer.

On the hotel side, concrete was poured for grade beams, pile caps and cores. A special crane will be delivered on site late this week. The hotel is expected to begin going vertical next week.

Center City

On the Grand River building, the concrete in the alleyway has been placed and cured signaling the end of the various utility projects at the east end. The Alley will be reopened today from M.A.C. to just west of Lou & Harry’s, where the construction entrance remains in place. M.A.C. is now fully open and will remain so until the repaving work, which is scheduled to begin on July 8th, weather permitting. Planter boxes have been installed along Grand River Ave., and trees will be planted shortly. The exterior is largely complete. Drywall, paint, and cabinets are mostly complete up to the 12th and final floor. Elevators are now fully operational. Work continues to finish the amenity levels.

On the Albert side, the sidewalks are mostly complete. The base for decorative pavers has been installed as well, with pavers expected to be installed soon. Road grading, decorative cross walk installation, and the paving of Albert Ave. is planned for mid-July. Upstairs, the apartments are approaching completion with the main thrust of the work is focused on finishing the final utility rough-ins and drywall, and on finishes such as flooring, cabinets, paint, and fixtures. Windows and facades for the retail exteriors continue to be installed as well.

City staff is monitoring area roadways to ensure proper cleanup occurs, especially as weather changes can cause muddy conditions that need to be managed properly. The construction company also continues to examine the site to mitigate any impacts to the local community.

The Hub @ East Lansing

Level 10 and level 2 are finishing up with taping and sanding, with 10 halfway painted. Finishes continue at levels 3-9 and will be moving up as the drywall is completed on remaining floors. Metal panels and masonry on the tower are ongoing. A limited amount of roofing is left to complete as weather permits and roof pavers continue at the main upper roof. Level 1 storefront is nearly complete meaning the tenant spaces will be dried in. The sidewalk along Grand River has been closed and will remain closed until all work on that side of the building is complete. Grand River sidewalk, curb and gutter have been removed and replaced, and the sidewalk will follow. Deliveries will continue with all of the finish materials that need to go into the building. The contractor continues to monitor the site for safety and implement additional traffic control techniques as necessary based on delivery volumes.

Thank you for your patience during the construction downtown. Please remember to sign up for downtown East Lansing construction alerts by texting ELBUZZ to 38470. As always, you can reach the City Construction Communication Team at or (517) 319-6930 with any questions.

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