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Construction Update 03-15-19

Park District

Work is complete on the auger cast piles, and transitioning to forming the concrete caps for the piles. Work to prepare the stair cores and elevator pits is also underway. Early next week, concrete pours are planned, including for the tower crane pad, which is expected to be erected in the coming weeks. The project will start its vertical ascent in 4-6 weeks, weather permitting.

Plans are being made for the removal and re-alignment of Albert Avenue, along with new sidewalks, curb and gutter, and pedestrian amenities. This work will necessitate the closure of Albert Ave. at the west side of Abbot Rd., which is now targeted for the summer. More information will be made available when details are finalized.

Permits are expected to be issued soon for the foundation work at the Graduate Hotel (Grand River at Evergreen). Work will begin to drill the auger cast piles shortly thereafter.

Center City

On the Grand River building, the windows and exterior skin are nearly complete on the south elevation, with panels now being installed on the west and north elevations as well. Throughout the interior, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and drywall continues to be installed on higher floors, with inspections following up the building. Elevator work is now underway. Some units are largely complete to the 4th floor. The tenant Improvements for Target continue their progress towards an anticipated opening in early to mid-summer.

On the Albert building, the eastern 2/3rds has been topped out, and roof work should be completed there within the next two weeks. Framing and rough-ins for plumbing, mechanical, and electrical continue to make their way up the interior as well. On the west side, the 8th floor was poured this week, with level 8 wall panels expected to be installed next week. The full top out will likely occur the first week of April. On the ground floor, work continues to prepare the retail shells for new tenants. Masonry work will continue on the northern facade and pedestrian link as weather allows. Work to place windows and exterior panels is expected to begin in the near future.

City staff is monitoring area roadways to ensure proper cleanup occurs, especially as weather changes can cause muddy conditions that need to be managed properly. The construction company also continues to examine the site to mitigate any impacts to the local community.

Utility Work – Water Main Installation

Water main installation in the 100/200 block of E. Grand River alley is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, March 25. The first phase will be completed at the west end of the alley. City staff will be meeting with the businesses and residential tenants to discuss the project.

The Hub @ East Lansing

The pool terrace level wall panels and deck complete with the concrete pours coming early next week. Drywall at level 5 is complete, and has begun on level 6. Interior finishes starting with paint are starting on level 3 and will be moving up as the drywall is completed on upper floors. Interior and exterior walls at the podium levels continue (both stud and masonry walls). Windows are substantially complete with level 1 storefront and northwest corner curtainwall being completed in the next couple of weeks. Metal panel and brick continue on the facade of the building. Concrete placement will be winding down until June/July when the site concrete work takes place. Deliveries will continue to increase, as Electrical, Mechanical, and Fire Suppression trades continue roughing in the garage, first floor, and mezzanine, and working their way up the building.

Spence Brothers continues to monitor the site for safety and implement additional traffic control techniques as necessary based on delivery volumes. The southern alley is closed and parking has been relocated to East Café across the street.

Thank you for your patience during the construction downtown. Please remember to sign up for downtown East Lansing construction alerts by texting ELBUZZ to 38470. You can also visit to find the latest information about the construction in downtown East Lansing. As always, you can reach the City Construction Communication Team at or (517) 319-6930 with any questions.

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