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Downtown Construction Update 01-11-19

Park District

Mobilization and remedial site work is underway, with sidewalk closures now in place for the first phase of the project.

The initial closures include:

A sidewalk closure on the west side of Abbot Rd., from Albert Ave. to Grand River Ave.

A sidewalk closure on the north side of Grand River Ave., from Evergreen Ave. to Abbot Rd.

A sidewalk and road closure on Evergreen Ave., from Albert Ave. to Grand River Ave.

Pedestrian detours will be in place throughout the duration of these closures.

Community members should also keep in mind that there will be a road closure on Albert Ave., from Abbot Rd. to Evergreen Ave., beginning in summer 2019 for infrastructure improvements (including a much-needed realignment of the roadway).

Center City

On the Grand River building, roofing work is underway above the 12th floor, as windows and exterior skin continue their installation. Throughout the interior, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and drywall continues to be installed, with inspections ongoing. The Tenant Improvements for Target are progressing.

On the Albert building, the east side continues to go vertical as level 8 panels are up and pours have begun for level 9. On the west side, pours for the transfer slab on the 6th floor (between the parking deck and apartments above) will occur over the next few weeks, weather depending.

City staff is monitoring area roadways to ensure proper cleanup occurs, especially as weather changes can cause muddy conditions that need to be managed properly. The construction company also continues to examine the site to mitigate any impacts to the local community.

Work on the Center City project will have extended hours from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday (01/14) and next Tuesday (01/15), to complete material delivery to the site. The material delivery will be facilitated through the west end of the alley.

The Hub @ East Lansing

Level 9 floor pour 1, 2, and 3 will be completed Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week (01/14). The level 8 walls are 50% complete. Level 9 walls will begin the middle of next week. Interior and exterior walls at the podium levels continue (both stud and masonry walls). Windows continue to chase the walls up the building. Concrete placement will continue on a regular basis, utilizing closed roads or the alley directly adjacent to the project to minimize impacts to traffic/pedestrians. Deliveries will continue to increase, as Electrical, Mechanical, and Fire Suppression trades continue roughing in the garage, first floor, and mezzanine, and working their way up the building.

The contractor continues to monitor the site for safety and implement additional traffic control techniques as necessary based on delivery volumes. The southern alley is closed and parking has been relocated to East Café across the street.

Thank you for your patience during the construction downtown. Please remember to sign up for downtown East Lansing construction alerts by texting ELBUZZ to 38470. You can also visit to find the latest information about the construction in downtown East Lansing. As always, you can reach the City Construction Communication Team at or (517) 319-6930 with any questions.

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